Nu Fitness Lifestyle was started in 2014 but I have been in the Nutrition and Fitness industry for 20 years. I became a personal trainer in 2004 out of necessity because the company that I was working for was selling its property to another company. So I we had a choice either to stay with the new company or move on to something else. I chose to move on. My co- workers and I exercised at the facilities gym, and I helped them reach their fitness goals. They were excited that I was able to help them, and so they convinced me to become a Personal Trainer. I worked for Bally Total Fitness for five years when it was still in Connecticut. During those five years I have helped many clients reach their goals and also trained several women for fitness figure competitions like Gina in the photo below with me. She placed 5th overall.  Then I worked in a private gym for a little bit and eventually went on my own