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Master’s Degree- Sports & Health Science, BA- Sociology ACE-CPT & SGT, AFAA- CGX. TRX, FMS, Cooper HPD, Stott Pilates, YogaFit, Zumba, Schwinn Cycle, EFI- Gravity Reformat, NYSCA Coach

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Just think about it… for a  person that has a seemingly, neverending amount of energy…. coordinated & organized movement with a ball, net or goal, is pretty much - just the most absolute perfect state of being! With sports, a very successful lifelong pattern began for me & my love and fasination with human movement became the passion that gave my life direction.I taught my first group ex class (when it was still called aerobics), at the age of 16, in a small local gym in NY.. only because the instructor didn’t show up at the last minute, and me, “the towel girl” who wrangled a job just to be in a gym, jumped at the opportunity and taught the class! I’m sure now, in retrospect, it was a trainwreck of a class… but it didn’t matter, bc at the time, I thought I ROCKED it & I was forever hooked!
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As a fitness instructor and coach, my goal is to inspire my clients to maximize their potential ;physically and mentally. I am committed to teaching people how to make long term improvements in their health, and quality of life.  We will work together to build a mentally tougher, physically stronger and faster you! I’ve worked with people from a variety of backgrounds, abilities, and ages. I have trained NCAA athletes, as well as, retirees. I personally began working out to be a better athlete, but now continue to work hard because I want to continue to live an active lifestyle as I get older, and experience the world alongside my daughter as she grows up. From when I first became involved in the Crossfit community, and began Personal Training at the Colorado Athletic Club in 2008 until now, I have been fortunate to have some of the best trainers mentor me. My mission in life, and as a trainer is to pay forward the knowledge, compassion, and encouragement that has been given to me. If given the opportunity, I will dedicate all of my passion, time, and resources to help you reach your goals!

Anthony Patterson    Certified Personal Trainer, SURFSET Certified, CrossFit Level 1

I believe that happiness and gratitude are the direct result of making the right choices. I chose a lifestyle career in health and fitness, because I know firsthand the positive impact that hard work and healthy choices can have on the mind and body. Since I can remember I've been a natural athlete. Most sports came easy to me, and I didn’t focus on or know the importance of strength-specific training. As a result, my aspirations to play team sports on a high level fizzled out as a Division 2 college basketball player. I was disappointed because I knew I could've worked harder. Instead of giving up, I decided it's never too late. Upon the advice of my college coach, I pursued and attained a Personal Training Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in early 2008. Also, I became heavily involved in the Crossfit Community and eventually earned a Level 1 Crossfit Certification in the summer of 2008. As I began to work on my weaknesses I was amazed to discover how much I improved at things I had previously deemed myself as not good at. I realized how much can be achieved by challenging

This all led to pursuing personal training certifications & working in a bunch of awesome NY gyms in any position they’d hire me for. I learned along the way, to appreciate and learn choreography & to also, build a good solid approach to program design based on individuals, their goals & capabilities. I decided to take it up a notch, and applied for a GS position as the Group Exercise & Personal Training Coordinator, for Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC.  This was a HUGE move & leap for me.. but, I wanted to work with the best, so, I packed up my VW to the roof & drove from NY to NC! And, this my friends, is where I met, James! ……James was a Marine, who came in to a STEP class that I was teaching, & (in the most endearing way) …he was up, when everyone was down.. and down when we were up! BUT, he smiled his beautiful smile the whole time & was sooo completely comfortable in the most un-comfortable situation…that, I said “yep, I’m going to marry this guy”! (Seriously, that wasn’t the exact moment that I said that), but, it was part of the whole experience & I am so beyond glad, that I was where I was, the day we met, because he changed my life forever & in all the best possible ways!Since then, we happily have (yet sometimes chaotically) moved our lives together from; NC to stays in DC, to Dom Rep to Cali, then back to the DR again , repeat of NC, until finally, here, in Hawaii! Along the way, (13 & 11 years ago to be exact) we had our 2 amazing sons, Patrick & Brendan. They are, hands down, not only what I consider to be my greatest achievements, they are what I am most proud of in my life, and by far, all of them together, are the people in my life, who continue to leave me speechless and crack me up at the same time! Pure Love!

Last thought:  ARE YOU’re HABITS OF TODAY ON PAR WITH YOUR GOALS AND DREAMS FOR TOMMORROW? If not… change that! It’s never too late & it’s all do-able! Identify weaknessess, and look for viable ways to improve. You can do anything you set your mind to..with perserverence, the right support and the internal motivation to want to change things for the better…. I know, from experience, that the most amazing things are possible!

ALOHA! I am very excited about joining the fitness team here at NuFitness, and I am really looking forward to getting to know each of you! So please, don’t hesitate to step up and introduce yourself to me. I love to hear people’s fitness experiences and journey’s, since each one is so unique. However, I have to mention, that while I do talk fast, …. I also listen really well☺ A little about me… I have been in the fitness field for over 27 incredible years. I consider myself fortunate that I instictually knew from a very early age, that any job that I chose, would never feel like “work”, if it involved movement and many opportunities to meet & be around people from all walks of life. I was born in Queens NY, the youngest, shortest and most hyper of 4 girls. We were a sports family, and I was determined to get a basketball shot off on my driveway, before I was ruthlessly “stuffed”, so I worked hard, practiced a lot and over the years, ended up playing, pretty much every sport that was available to me. 

Lynn Rameriz 

Erykah Flynn   B.S. Exercise Science / Nutrition, Certified Personal Trainer, Les Mills & Surfset

Growing up in poverty in a very unstable environment, health education was never a priority. Never learning how to cook, what to eat and what not to eat, at an early age my body started to deteriorate. Then, while looking for answers, my self-motivation flourished and I jumped head first into the world of health and fitness. Within a year my life was forever changed, my body started healing itself and I finally learned what it felt like to feel “good.” Since then I have received my bachelors in Exercise Science / Nutrition, my Personal Training Certification, two Les Mills Certifications as well as years of my own research and experience. Now my passion is helping others to get excited about health and fitness, to feel better than they have ever felt and to improve their quality of life now and for all of their years to come. I am a teacher. I am a coach. I am here to help you create your path to reaching your health and fitness goals!

Health, fitness and nutrition have become much more than just a job or industry for me; it has become who I am and my biggest passion in life. Helping to improve the quality of life for those around me by teaching, motivating and inspiring is what drives me. I have spent the last 10 years traveling the world, working, learning and building my education and knowledge base. My training style is very functional, building strength from the inside out by focusing on the core, spine and joints. In my practice, fitness programs are created by using not only the science behind exercise but also the years of experience where I have learned just how different each and everyone of our bodies are. Health and fitness should be customized to you and your goal, it should be fun, and it should fill your life with an abundance of energy, confidence, self control and well-being. As a personal trainer and health coach, it is my main purpose to focus on these things as a LIFESTYLE, to create permanent, life-long results.

Getting fit and staying fit has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things Cathy has done.  Getting fit for your health and for a healthier body image is important but staying fit can be tough if you don’t find new goals and challenges that push you.  At times we become  afraid of change or of switching up our routine but that can be just what is needed to keep going strong and to stay motivated; Cathy can set up a plan for you that includes safe but fun changes! Cathy’s motivation and drive is helping people get fit; and then, if the interest is there helping those same people create a lifestyle of fitness that becomes a lifelong.  She believes that exercise can be fun and can become a habit and almost second nature if you find something to do that you love or that challenges you to excel. Cathy believes it’s never too late in life to find and do something you love.   Let her know what your fitness, weight loss, or sport related goals and desires are and she can help you achieve them.

Cathy Carlson   Certified Personal Trainer, Orthopedic Exercise,TRX, Barre, Running Specialist

Cathy's desire to enter the fitness industry came after finding herself in a position where she needed to lose weight and strengthen muscles for her back health. Over the course of a few years by consistently exercising and finding healthy ways to eat, it became possible to keep trying new things in the fitness world.  Cathy became a runner, hiker, weightlifter, cyclist, and loves to race relays, 5ks, has done a few triathlons and half-marathons.  Trying new ways to stay fit has become a way of life and it made sense to help other people with their fitness goals. She loves working with all types of clients but specializes in sports specific training, injury prevention or recovery, circuit style training, interval training, and weight training.  She enjoys helping people get ready for an event or race and helping people reach their weight loss and fitness potential.  Cathy loves to help her clients realize just how strong and capable they are and encourages them to dream big! She has had the privilege of helping people get ready for their first race, triathlon, or their next PT test.  Additionally Cathy has worked with hundreds of clients who wish to change their body composition: weight loss and/or gaining muscle mass are common goals of her clients.  She feels that it’s very rewarding to hear clients reach other types of goals; like being able to stand up without help, reaching their arms over their head again, conquering back or knee pain, the list is endless.